Join your Fine Art Institution

General Rules & Regulations


  1. LKK issues recognisation to the institution of Fine Art everywhere in Assam.
  2. Recognisation to more than one Examination Centre will not be given within a diametre of 5 kms of distance.
  3. The Head of the Fine Art Institution must be a B.F.A. in minimum qualification.
  4. The institution must have one faculty for every 25 students.
  5. Exam Centre has to apply for the recognisation at a fee of ` 500/- for registration.
  6. The recognisation must be renewed after every three years.
  7. The amount received once will not be refunded or carried over to subsequent Examination Centre.


How to Apply


  1. Please collect the application form for recognisation of Examination Centre from any member of LKK. Or you may download the Application form HERE and print out.
  2. Fill up the form duly. Please, double check the Name of the institution.
  3. Put on the Office Seal and the Seal of the Head of the institution in proper places.
  4. Enclose the documents of qualification of the Head of the institution.
  5. If the institution is managing by a committee, a proposal granted in general meeting that the institution is ready to take the affiliation under Lalit Kala Kendra, must be enclosed.
  6. Submit the application in the office of Lalit Kala Kendra or to the Introducing Member.



Download the Application form for recognisation of your Fine Art institution.








LALIT KALA KENDRA (LKK) gives affiliation to the Fine Art institutions around Assam. The LKK helps the institutions for developing. It provides a vast and vivid course to develop the art education in Assam. To join your Fine Art Institution in Lalit Kala Kendra, please follow the instruction cited below-